Not to be confused with Catch Zone by ObrenTune.

Corner Catch Zone is a section created by Archimetropolis and added on October 2018.


It is a brown section that is meant to catch falling players like the original Catch Zone, but around the corners, or edges around the section.

It is a little harder to land on the section since it only catches players who fall off near the corners of the sections above it, not to mention a big hole in the middle of the section.


  • This is the 66th section in THE Tower of Hell.
  • This is considered the 2nd easiest section in the game behind Catch Zone.
  • If Catch Zone is put on top of Corner Catch Zone, it will NOT cover up the entire area of the section.
  • In THE Tower of Hell, the developers put one more "6" in the number, making it "666."
  • "666" references to the devil's number.
  • The trusses in the start used to be place back and was a lot taller in the 1st version.
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