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Conveyor Walk is a section created by DerHausaufgabe and was added on December 23rd, 2020.


This green section starts with a truss in front of the section's name. There are then three forwards conveyors that the player must jump on, the third of which is shorter than the first two.

There is then a truss after the third conveyor followed by four more forwards conveyors. There are then three truss cubes, jumping across these will take the player to the end of the section.


  • You do not need to jump across the gaps between the second set of conveyors, they are so small you can walk across them.
  • If you are struggling with the conveyors use the hourglass gear to stop them.
  • From the second set of conveyors, you can skip the first truss and jump straight on to the second one, saving a bit of time.


  • This used to be the 9th section in The Tower of Hell.
  • A video of this section being built can be found on DerHausaufgabe's YouTube channel.[1]
  • The section most likely got its name from the 4 conveyors you can walk on after the truss.
  • It is possible to complete the section with only one jump.