These are 19 of the new sections in the game, making the former number of sections (150) increase to 169.

150 is gone so 169 Sections!

  1. Switching Sides
  2. Blender
  3. Slide
  4. Conveying
  5. The Phantoms Return
  6. The Meetup
  7. Powerline
  8. Twisted Belt
  9. The Factory
  10. Lost
  11. Forced Hell
  12. Close Shave
  13. Jump
  14. Left Right
  15. Push Away
  16. The Filter

Besides, there were two sections that were removed and then readded to the game, these are:

  1. Lilypads
  2. Owch Edgy

Within this update, a secret section called Minute got added, making it the only conveyor secret section ingame.

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