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Coins (formerly Yxles) are the main currency of Tower of Hell. They are used to buy gears, mutators, and effects in the shop.

In Noob Towers, up to 100 coins (200 with Double Coins gamepass) can be won per tower. In Pro towers, up to 250 coins (500 with Double Coins gamepass) can be won per tower.

Before, you could only get coins by winning a tower, but since an update on March 4th, 2020, you can earn coins by beating sections one at a time. You earn 2 coins (Noob Towers) or 1 coin (Pro Towers) by beating the first section and it will increase exponentially as you go up.

The amount of coins you've accumulated in the current tower is now shown on the sidebar, next to a coins symbol and a bar showing your highest point. This change was received well, especially by players that don't often complete towers.

If a player decided to add the "Lengthen" mutator, users won't be able to earn coins from the tower until after beating the second section.

You can get coins by winning a noob or pro tower, buying them with Robux, or purchasing the membership, which will give you 500 coins each day when you log in.

Coin Products

While you can earn coins from climbing a tower, you can also buy them with Robux in the shop:

Coin Amount Icon Cost
Newbie coins.PNG 200
Robux.png 25
Newbie coins.PNG 500
Robux.png 60
Newbie coins.PNG 2,000
Robux.png 230
Newbie coins.PNG 10,000
Robux.png 1,100

Other Products

The shop also provides other products in the "Coins" category:

Product Icon(s) Function Cost
Double Coins DoubleCoins.png Doubles your reward.
Robux.png 600
Skill Reset SkillResetBright.png Get your skill points back.
Robux.png 50


  • Most of the products in the "Coins" category used to cost more Robux, this was changed on December 18th, 2020.
  • There used to be a game pass called 'Infinite Coins' which was priced at 3,000 Robux; this game pass gave you infinite coins and was later removed.[1]
    • The people who had bought this game pass were compensated with the Double Coins game pass and the Green Halo.
  • Reaching 10,000,000 coins will reset your coins back to 0, as it is the maximum limit.
  • For an unknown reason, you will earn 300% of the normal reward if you have just purchased the Double Coins gamepass. You will, however, earn 200% (as normal) if you rejoin the game.
  • If the own the Double Coins game pass and the Double Coins mutator is also active, you will earn 300% of the normal reward, rather than the two multiplying to give 400% (for example, completing a noob tower would give the player 300 coins).