Close Shave is a section created by Flre_Ball and added on April 23, 2020.


Close Shave consists of multiple platforms that you must jump on while avoiding two killbrick spinners. First, you climb a truss and go past two platforms that are away from the spinner. After that, you go to the spinner and run and jump onto a 2x2 platform. This happens three times. Forwards, there would be one more platform after the spinner. You, then, jump onto the cylinder in the middle of the spinner and jump on some more platforms to get to the next section.


  • Try to run to the 2x2 platform immediately after the spinning kill part passes you
  • You could also try jumping over it, but it is quite risky.


  • This is the 41st section in THE Tower of Hell.
  • This alongside with The Meetup, Switching Sides, and The Phantom Returns were originally the only sections added on April 23rd without conveyors in it. Later on, Blender's conveyor got removed and now they are the only ones without a conveyor.
  • This section's spinners break and lag a lot so be careful and do not jump off the stud blocks as soon as the spinners go by the top spinner might be late and hit you as you jump.
  • Using a fusion or speed coil helps for this level as it helps you get to the studs in between the kill brick spinners faster so you do not get hit before you make it to the studs.
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