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Climb is a section created by ScripterAsh and was added on an unknown date.


At the beginning of this light blue section is a truss on the left side. Afterwards, there is a horizontal truss attached to the wall that is required to be jumped on. It then extends into two other identical trusses that are near parallel to each other.

After the jumps, there is a rectangular platform, and on it are five moving platforms each above one another. The player has to time jumps and reach the next moving platform that is above them. At the last jump, there is a large square floor that the player has to jump on. This marks the end of the section.


  • Keep a look of what is above.
  • Make sure to jump on the edge, as it's impossible to over jump.
  • Don't hold the space bar in this section.
  • You can jump to the final square platform from the fourth moving platform instead of the fifth to save time.


  • This used to be the 162nd section in The Tower of Hell.
  • When you try to touch the moving platform without stepping, the platform will stop moving. You can even push the platform from the side.
  • The creator of this section, ScripterAsh, got their Roblox account terminated for an unknown reason.
  • There are a few differences with the model and the section seen in-game.[1]
    • The section's name in its model is called "???".
    • The section's final platform used to weld itself into the end platform. The final platform was separated from the end platform in-game.
  • The speed of each of the moving platforms is randomized, making it one of two vanilla sections to contain randomization, the other being Which One.
  • This section has invisible parts at the end of each horizontal truss.