Not to be confused with Circle Climb or Summit Climb both made by Flre_Ball.

Climb is a section created by ScripterAsh and added on an unknown date.


Climb is a light blue section that features multiple climbable platforms. At the beginning of the section is a piece of scaffolding on the left side. Afterwards, there is a piece of scaffolding attached to the wall that is required to be jumped on. It then extends into two other pieces of scaffolding that are near parallel to each other. After the jumps, there is a rectangular platform, and on it are 5 moving platforms each above one another. The player has to time jumps and reach the next moving platform that is above them. At the last jump, there is a large square floor that the player has to jump on; this marks the end of the section, "Climb."


The difficulty is medium, the stage doesn't have hard jumps. The only part to look for is the section with moving platforms above each other, but it is not very hard because the player can land back down on the platform if they fall down. This section uses that as its gimmick for its difficulty.


  • Keep a look of what is above.
  • Make sure to jump on the edge, as it's impossible to over jump.
  • Don't hold the space bar in this section.


  • This is the 127th section in THE Tower of Hell.
  • When you try to touch the moving platform without stepping, the platform will stop moving.
  • The creator of this section, ScripterAsh got terminated for an unknown reason.
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