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Circle Climb is a section created by Flre_Ball and was added on November 18th, 2018.


This amber section starts with nine cylinders. Four of which don't kill the player (these being the middle, top left, bottom left, and bottom right). The section then extends into multiple safe cylinders and glowing killparts. After three jumps it separates into another path. It has a long cylinder with two glowing parts to jump over, and then has a small cylinder, a large one, and four platforms on the wall. The second path includes two jumps the first one being a long one and the second being short. It then extends into a similar cylinder identical to the one on the first path and then only has one larger cylinder which then extends to four jumps on the wall.


  • If possible, use shift lock to land jumps that seem far.
  • Stay a reasonable distance away from the killparts due to hitboxes.
  • Jump right on the edge of the cylinder for the third sloped one.
  • Choose the left path if time is running out, as it is faster.
  • If it is the last section, take the right path and jump to the platform on the top from the small cylinder.
    • Alternatively, you can take the left path and do a head hitter jump from the cylinder to the platform.


  • This used to be the 14th section in The Tower of Hell.
  • This section is the same color as Hard Boi, Saturn and Tango.
  • This section is one of the only sections that are incompatible with the ending floor. The left path is blocked. However, it is still possible since you can take the right path of the section or do a headhitter onto the end platform at the left path.
  • The section's model can be found in the Roblox Library.[1]
    • The model also comes with a baseplate. This might be a mistake.