Choices is a section created by BriefSerendipity and added on August 28, 2018.


Choices is a cyan section that begins with 4 steps. It then splits into 3 paths, or "choices".

Square Choice (1st Choice)

There are 14 squares in this choice that take you to the end of the section. Players will have to go a little bit on the Tower Choice to get to here.

Tower Choice (2nd Choice)

It is a spiral tower with neon in the tower base, so players must walk on the edge of the spiral staircase to be safe.

They can either jump from near the beginning of the tower onto the Square Choice, or they can walk up the entire tower and still jump onto the Square Choice.

Neon Choice (3rd Choice)

Back onto Choices base, there is a thin line that takes players to a neon jumping part in shapes on an A. There are two of these neon platforms.

At the end of this path, there is an unstable block that is supposed to take you to the end of the section. However, one of the ropes was never included and therefore, this Choice is broken.

Fixed Version


Choices in its fixed version.

BriefSerendipity has made a fixed version that fixes the third Choice bug. Now, the unstable block will have a second rope going to the end of the section. In addition, there will be neon strips on the Square Choice.

BriefSerendipity has sent this version to Pyxl, but currently, it has not been accepted.


It is best that you take the Square / Tower Choices since the third Choice is currently broken. When on the tower, jump from about halfway up onto the Square Choice.


  • This is the 20th section in THE Tower of Hell.
  • The fixed version of Choices was originally going to be the original version of the section.
    • BriefSerendipity has stated that after he created the model, he added more parts to the section (everything in the fixed version), but forgot to save those additions, and sent the model without those additions.
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