Chevron Jumps is a section created by Aundique and was added on an unknown date.


Chevron Jumps starts with a bracket which then separates into two paths including the same thing: chevrons. This section splits up into chevrons and then has two platforms on the wall that take the player up into more chevrons and a bracket. Connected to the bracket is a small platform that rises slightly which marks the end of the section. The section is very easy as the player doesn't even need to jump for most of the section. However, it is recommended to jump as it prevents the player from falling. Over all, the section is easy.


  • See what is above the section (if possible) to know if there is an incompatibility between sections.
  • It is recommended to walk on the edge of the chevrons because it takes the same time and is much less risky than jumping on the lines on the chevrons.


  • This section resembles a chevron pattern.
  • This section is also in another Tower of Hell game, "Climb Time" by Ripull.
  • This is the 166th section in THE Tower of Hell.
  • This is also another symmetrical section.
  • This is the same color as Which One.
  • This is one of the easiest sections.
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