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"Gone. Reduced to atoms."
This section is a removed section which was scrapped and can no longer be seen in-game.

Not to be confused with the non-removed section of the same name Checkered.

Checkered is a now-removed section created by Crystonus and was added on July 31st, 2018 and removed on September 11th, 2018.


This lime section started with three tilted platforms with a ckeckered pattern of killparts, leading to a verically-placed regular platform and another tilted platform with a checkered pattern of killparts.

Jumping across these platforms lead the player to seven more platforms the player had to jump across to reach two trusses placed above each other, meaning the player had to do a headhitter jump.

There were then four more platforms that got smaller as you progressed, leading to six more tilted platforms with a checkered pattern of killparts. Finally, there was a small platform connected to the end of the section.


  • It is possible to go to the edge of the left side of the first checkered platform and jump to the platform next to the trusses, skipping a lot of the section.


This section was removed because Crystonus was demoted from the builder role and then requested to have their sections removed from the game.

Their other sections All Around (Crystonus), Hollow Cubes, Pancakes, Rolling Around, Sweeping and Tight Squeeze were also removed at the same time.


  • This section was removed before The Tower of Hell was released.
  • This section has similarities to the in-game section Checkered.
  • Current Tower of Hell builder, RandomPlayerONthis, remade this section into Checkered, along with Crystonus's version of All Around (Crystonus) into his version of Walls.
  • The model of the in-game version of this section can be found on uwuPyxl's inventory.[1]
  • There are some differences between the in-game section and the original section, whose model can also be found in the Roblox Library.[2]
    • The main color of the original section is white while the in-game section is lime.
    • The killpart color of the original section is red while the in-game section is a neon lime.
    • The trusses in the original section were gray while in-game they were lime.
    • The original section has an alternate path on the right that consists of thin blocks.