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Not to be confused with the removed section of the same name Checkered.

Checkered is a section created by RandomPlayerONthis and was added on an unknown date.


This mint green section features 13 randomly rotated squares with killparts in a checkered formation on them. This idea is repeated throughout the section.


  • It is recommended to jump straight from the fifth platform to the seventh platform to skip the sixth platform.


  • This used to be the 199th section in The Tower of Hell.
  • This section is similar to the removed section Checkered (Crystonus).
  • There are a few differences between the model and the section in-game.[1]
    • The first part of this section used to start in the middle, it was changed to the left side to prevent incompatibility issues.
    • The section was originally medium stone gray, this was changed to mint green in-game.
    • The original name of the section was "Chess-a-lot", though the name of the model is "chess-a-lot".
    • The killparts were slightly bigger in the model. This was changed so that they only filled up 9/10 of their designated area in-game.



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