Not to be confused with Checkerboards and Checkered (GeoXoro 15).

Checkered is a section created by RandomPlayerONthis and added on an unknown date.


Checkered has several randomly rotated squares with kill parts in a checkered formation on them. This idea is repeated throughout the section.


Remember, the glowing blocks are the kill blocks, so avoid those. Also, jump to the closest block and then jump to the other if necessary.

You can also change the kill block color in your Settings to make it easier to see the kill blocks. It is recommended to set it to 145°.


  • Before it was changed, it had a greener color.
  • There were also other obstacles.
  • In the past, the first part of this section started in the middle, but then it was changed to the left side.
  • Many people die on this because they rush the section.
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