Not to be confused with the yellow Checkerboards, which is a normal section in game.

Checkerboards is a section created by JoshyMelons on July 5, 2019.

This section can only be accessed in VIP servers, as it is a modded section.


  • Start by jumping over the neon squares on the bottom checkerboard.
  • Climb the ladder.
  • Jump over the checkered strips on the top that are similar to the ones in the section Life on the edge.
  • Jump onto the last checkerboard, then if you see a ladder climb it, but if there's no ladder, just jump to the next section.


  • This section can be found if you open a VIP server, type /remove then type /mod 03301555382, then type /skip. This will take you to Tower Of Hell: Reborn where you are likely to find this section.
  • There is another Checkerboards which is Yellow, and it is a normal section in game.
  • This is a modded section.
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