Not to be confused with Checkered created by RandomPlayerOnThis or the modded section Checkerboards by JoshyMelons.

Checkerboards is a section created by Precession and added on an unknown date


You start off with 2 trusses that lead up to a parkour course that resembles a checkerboard. After doing so, you climb a truss which leads to more trusses that lead to the second part of the section. You do the checkerboard obby once again to move on to the next stage.


Use shift lock or first person to jump over hitboxes (not recommended for newbies for it is very tricky) instead of jumping diagonally.

To see the checkerboards easily, either lower your graphics quality or change killpart color.


  • This is the 131st section in THE Tower of Hell.
  • The section’s original name was "Double Checkered".
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