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Not to be confused with the modded section of the same name Checkerboards.

Checkerboards is a section created by Precession and was added on November 18, 2018.


This gold lime section starts off with two vertical trusses that lead up to a large platform. The platform has a checkered pattern of killparts and platforms, the player must make their way across this checkered pattern to reach another vertical truss.

There are then five more trusses that the player must walk along, leading to a second large platform identical to the first. Finally, after the second checkered pattern, there are two more trusses leading to the end of the section.


  • You can jump over the killparts instead of jumping diagonally to save time, however this is not recommended for new players as it requires precise timing.
  • To see the checkerboards easily, either lower your graphics quality or change the killpart color.
  • If the low gravity mutator is activated, you can skip the entire second checkerboard by doing a headhitter jump in the transition to the second checkerboard.


  • This used to be the 167th section in The Tower of Hell.
  • There is an invisible part at the beginning of the diagonal truss.
  • This section received a few changes in-game compared to its model.[1]
    • The section's original submitted name was "Double Checkers".
    • The section's original color was CGA Brown. This was changed to gold lime in-game.
    • There were two trusses instead of a slanted truss in the path of trusses.
    • The killparts were white.
  • There is a model of the section that represents the current version of the section in-game that can be found in Archimetropolis's inventory.[2]