Not to be confused with Corner Catch Zone.

Catch Zone is a section created by ObrenTune and added on an unknown date


It is a brown section that is meant to catch falling players. The catch zone takes about half of the area of the section, but it does not cover the entire section.


  • This was the 61st section in THE Tower of Hell, but it was moved to 147th for an unknown reason.
  • There is a similar section called Corner Catch Zone, which is meant to catch falling players by the corners of the section.
  • If Corner Catch Zone is put above Catch Zone, it will NOT cover up the area of the section.
    • This section was blacklisted for appearing on top or under Corner Catch Zone, but the blacklist must have broke since they can still appear together.
  • This is considered the 1st easiest section in the game, if you count Corner Catch Zone, this is 2nd.
  • Catch Zone used to have a lighter brown color, but now has been just changed to normal brown.
  • This is one of the easiest sections in Tower of Hell.
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