Bullseye is a section created by Precession, which was added on October 13, 2018.


The section starts with two trusses and leads up to eight bricks ascending forwards. Once the user is at the peak, they will have to land in the middle of a brick with neon surrounding the brick. If the user lands correctly, they can proceed where there are two bricks and a truss ahead. It's about knowing where to jump and where to land.


  • Look up when you're trying to climb up, that way you won't fall.


  • This is the 54th section in THE Tower of Hell.
  • The last part of the section, where you had to climb the ladder, used to direct you to the right. But now it's changed to the left.
  • The target looks like a bullseye and you'll have to land on it carefully because of hitboxes.
  • This section is also in another Tower of Hell related game, which is called "Climb Time" by Ripull.
  • If there is the mutator Fog, then it will become harder because you can't see where to land.
  • The original name was "Bullseye Drop."
  • This section is incompatible if the section Push Away is above.
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