Branching Out is a section created by BriefSerendipity and added on August 28, 2018.


It is a brown stage with a series of pathways designed to look like branches of a tree. On some of the pathways are neon strips. There are also two steps on each side of the finish platform to help you get up to the next section.


It is best to take the right branch at the first splitting point. This will help you avoid the most neon strips.


  • This is the 145th section in THE Tower of Hell.
  • The kill parts used to be dark brown, but it was changed to light orange.
  • There used to be the artwork of both this level

    The drawingo of this stage, along with No Gravity.

    and No Gravity on the thumbnail of the game, drawn by Ket_Overkill.
  • The section resembles a tree branch.
  • It is unknown why this section is still in the game, as this relates to real life. Other sections like Frightening Lightning have been removed due to it being based on real life.
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