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This section is a modded section. Modded Sections can only be accessed in VIP Servers. You might not have much info on these pages, but feel free to edit necessary information.

Not to be confused with The Block by NGspeedy or The Death Blocks by ApplePieNoob1.

Block of Death is a modded section created by mjbfam2 on July 5, 2019.


This section starts with a few jumps that the player has to do. Then it leads to a spinning huge cube, which moves in an unpredictable manner, that has kill bricks in the middle on some of the sides of the cube. The player has to dodge the kill bricks that are on the block. After that, the player jumps onto a platform and a few jumps and that leads to the next section.


  • This section appeared in Squid Magic's thumbnail for the Tower of Hell: Reborn Mod.
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