Blank is a mysterious secret section created by PyxlDev.


According to PyxlDev, this section was created so that the game would not crash after removing all sections before installing a mod on a VIP server.

The easiest way to find this section is in a VIP server. If you type /remove then /skip, Blank will not appear, but it will actually appear the amount of sections with /setLength (If you did /setLength 3-150 before both commands, Blank will appear 3-150 times).

Screenshot 2020-05-27 at 11.33.14 AM

A better view of Blank. Image taken from Fruits112010.


  • This section has a 0.0067% chance of spawning in-game, making it the second rarest section in the game
  • Originally, the first letter of Blank was lowercase but was changed after Pyxl found about this page.
  • This was changed to a secret section on October 20, 2019, along with Anticipation.
  • This section used to be in THE Tower of Hell until it got replaced by Half and Half.
  • This is the shortest section in the game, but it doesn't count since it's a secret section.


Blank (right) in the old version of THE Tower of Hell. Blank (right) in a VIP Server after /remove and /skip. Note: When you use /remove, then /skip, /setlength <number 4-150>, then /skip again, this will depend on how many times Blank will appear.
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