Barrier Breach is a section created by Flre_Ball and added on August 13, 2019.


The section features three walls with neon on top of them and on the right side of it, similar to that of Golden Gates.

Part 1

The first section starts with 3x2x2 bricks leading to the first wall in which below the wall has a brick leading to the next part

Part 2

The next part is similar to the first part, but the player has to wrap around onto the side of the wall to get onto the platforms of it. The part ends the same way as part one.

Part 3

The last part rises the bricks to a similar height of the blocks in the first part. The spacing of the first brick is more spacious and the bricks on the wall remain the same. The part ends with the player dropping onto a brick and onto the platforms similar to those on the walls onto the truss.


  • Avoid overshooting the drop as you can die to the neon strip towards the drop
  • It is recommended to go into first-person after you make the drop under the walls, that way your camera won't interfere with the wall.


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