Badges are a feature that was implemented into the game on January 25th, 2020.

There are currently seven badges in Tower of Hell, and one in THE Tower of Hell. For the Explorer badge, you can only get it in Noob Towers; not VIP servers or Pro Towers.

Tower of Hell Badges

Newbie: Awarded for beating your first tower.

Pro: Awarded for beating your first pro tower.

Mutated: Be in a server whilst all coin-bought mutators are applied. No robux mutators count for this badge.

Secret: Find a secret stage. They're sneaky.

Maxed: Max out the skill tree. (Getting to level 80)

Collector: Earn every effect acquirable by the crate.

Explorer: Touch all 169 sections currently in the game.

Tourist [Removed]: Complete every secret section. Removed because it distracted players from the game.

Note: The Certified Beast badge on THE Tower of Hell has no correlation with the badges in the normal Tower of Hell.

Earning the Badges



This badge will be granted if you complete your first Noob Tower (touching the door at the top is required).



To access the Pro Towers, you must enter through a portal that is below the stairs labelled "Pro Towers". You then have to complete the tower. Using a VIP server will not grant you the badge (speeding is required, just like Noob Towers).


The player must be in any tower with all coin-bought mutators applied at the same time (foggy, invincibility, high speed, low gravity, invert, lengthen). Robux-bought mutators (bunny hop, checkpoints, double coins) are not needed to earn this badge.


The player has to discover any secret section in a Noob or Pro Tower. Using a VIP server cannot grant you the badge.


The player has to max out the Skill Tree. In order to do so, a minimum of level 80 is required. You can max out the skill tree by clicking "Level" on your screen and purchasing ALL of the available upgrades of ALL 5 gears: Gravity Coil, Speed Coil, Fusion Coil, Trowel, and the Grappling Hook. Purchased upgrades should have a green or blue border around their icons.

Getting the Maxed badge awards you with the Pink Halo.


This is likely to take a massive amount of coins, making it rarer than Maxed.

Buy all the effects in the game (this excludes admin items and halos)

The effects cost 500 coins per effect box, and they are at different rarities:

Common (60% chance of acquiring)

Interesting (25% chance of acquiring)

Epic (10% chance of acquiring)

Legendary (5% chance of acquiring)

While some people only need to spend 200,000 coins to get the Teal Halo, others may need over a million as you have a very high chance of getting duplicate effects.

Getting the Collector badge awards you with the Teal Halo.


Find and play all 169 sections in the game (not including secret sections). It is recommended to complete each section to make sure they count.

Completion of this used to reward the Blue Halo.

The Blue Halo was removed due to the amount of people getting it everyday, this halo greatly decreased the value of halos so the devs decided to remove it completely.

Tourist (REMOVED)

Find and play all secret sections in the game. It is recommended to complete the sections to make sure they count.

Completion of this used to reward the Orange Halo.

NOTE: You'll be awarded the badge once you've completed the criteria AFTER it is added. If you already found every single section before the badge was introduced, you'll need to find all of them again to get your badge.

Acquiring all of the available badges in ToH (Newbie, Pro, Mutated, Secret, Maxed, Collector, and Explorer) awards you with the Purple Halo.

THE Tower of Hell Badge

Certified Beast: You're one of the few people to beat all sections of Tower of Hell in a row.

Getting the Certified Beast badge awards you with the Red Halo.


Obtaining THE Tower of Hell Badge


Certified Beast

Complete all 169 sections in THE Tower of Hell.

Getting the Certified Beast badge awards you with the Red Halo.


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