Aura is a section created by alphexi and added on September 20, 2018.


It is an olivine-colored section that begins with 3 neon outlines covering 3 sides. It then goes to a platform with neon 4 neon strips and another 3-sided neon barrier.

The next part is the hardest part of Aura: a truss walk part with neon partly next to the truss. Most people die on this part because of hitboxes, which will most require shift lock or even changing avatar. The rest of the section is 2 stud jumps and 1 stud neon jumps.


  • When on the platform with the 4 neon strips, try and jump on the edges of the platform. It does not matter which side you go to, but jumping on the right side makes it easier.
  • When on the truss walk part with the neon, hug yourself to the wall and constantly jump to avoid getting killed by the neon.
  • When this is the last section of a regular Tower, you have to wall hop.


  • The continuing path used to lead to the right but then changed to the left probably because the platform from Pain and the platform from Purple Jungle and the start of Maelstorm blocked you from continuing the tower and if Aura is the final section of the tower then the finishing platform blocks the path. Later on, the continuing path leads to the right.
  • This is the 151st section in THE Tower of Hell.
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