"Where can I find this section???"
This section is a modded section. Modded Sections can only be accessed in VIP Servers. You might not have much info on these pages, but feel free to edit necessary information.

Ascent is a modded section created by Discusssss on July 5, 2019.


The obstacles look like neon pillars, and you have to keep jumping back and forth to "ascent" to the top. After that, you have a really long jump to make it to the platform, which is inspired off of Neon Hell. Then there are 2 platforms that leads you to the truss to take you to the end of the section.


  • Since the section Tight Jumps has a problem loading into a tower, if it spawns on top of this section, it would cause incompatibility problems.
  • This is in Reborn Mod in Tower of Hell.
  • This is not in TToH.
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