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Apple Suace is a section created by KnuIIify and was added on September 2nd, 2021.


This lime section consists of many long thin platforms heading in different directions that stretch across the width of the tower, with some of them being killparts. The lines also cross over each other at varying heights, forming a maze of pathways and killparts.

To complete this section, the player must navigate their way through this maze of pathways and killparts by jumping across the lines, avoiding the killparts and jumping over them if necessary.


  • Be careful and take your time, as there are many killparts and the platforms are thin.
  • Try to memorize a safe pathway, as this will help out a lot in the future.
  • When jumping across the lines, try to see if you have to go under the killparts or if they are low enough for you to jump over.


  • This section is designed to be a sequel to Criss Cross.
  • The section's name has a spelling error, as it is supposed to be "Apple Sauce".
    • The creator did not intentionally misspell it. However, uwuPyxl purposely left this spelling error in the game because they thought it was funny.