Anticipation is a secret section created by obbynil on September 8th, 2019. TheoryWork gave the idea of the section in the YXCeptional Discord Server.


It is a mid-gray section with 4 layers of the staircase seen at the bottom.

This section is the last section of THE Tower of Hell before the player beats the Tower.

You have a 0.000067563% (or 1 in every 1.3 million chance) chance of spawning. This reduced chance of it being in a tower is due to the fact that it can only spawn in the bottom of it.

Since the Tourist badge appeared, the chance of this section appear may have been increased. According to admin BriefSerendipity, the chance for it to appear may have been increased but he cannot confirm if that is true. this section along with Blank became secret sections, so they are no longer counted as regular sections.

It has appeared a few times in a few public servers. So if you see this section, you are lucky!

Note: The Tourist badge and Orange Halo is removed due to people server hopping just for the badge. So if you find this, don't have your hopes up. However, you can still get the secret badge.


  • This is the last section in THE Tower of Hell if you count secret sections.
  • The last section in THE Tower of Hell without counting the secret sections is Which One by ObrenTune.
  • There is a re-skin of this section called Minute, except it being longer and having conveyors.
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