"Gone. Reduced to atoms."
This section is a deleted section which is scrapped and can no longer seen ingame unless it gets readded. Don't hesitate to edit this page if something is missing.

Not to be confused with the new All Around by mjbfam2, or Walls, the section that it is similar to.

All Around is a now-removed section created by GeoXoro_15 and was added on an unknown date and removed on September 5, 2018.


Despite the lack of pictures of this section, there is information on this section.

It was a medium red section with flat platforms on each side of the section that was attached to the walls. Both paths took you to the end of the section.


This section, along with Checkered (GeoXoro_15), Hollow Cubes, Pancakes, and Sweeping got removed by request from GeoXoro_15 when he wanted to be demoted to builder.


  • It was removed because GeoXoro_15 wanted to be demoted from Mod / Builder.
    • He also said he wanted his sections gone from the game after being demoted.
    • RandomPlayerONThis remade this section into Walls, along with Geo's version of Checkered into his version of Checkered.
  • This section was shown in GamingWithKev's video.
    • ScripterAsh commented on his video saying he made some of the sections in the video (Including Hex at the beginning of the video).
    • Also, PyxlDev has also commented as well. Very Good. He is Gocrafter
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